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Microsoft Excel has something unique.​

The knowledge in advanced excel is turning to be an important skill, irrespective of the field of work. ExcelMaash is an initiative to share the knowledge in advanced excel to the each and everyone in plain language so that more people will start using this amazing tool of Microsoft productively, saving time and effort.

What is ExcelMaash?

“Maash” when spelled in Malayalam means “Master or Teacher”. Mostly the typical people of Kerala addresses a male teacher as “Maash” to show their respect to that person. The founder of ExcelMaash, Mr.Srilil S L has been into training since 2001, and have proved himself as a Certified Microsoft Office Master in MS Office Softwares. He has conducted many sessions in Advanced Excel Training in India and abroad. Graduated in Statistics from Kerala University, he always had his passion towards organizing, managing and analyzing data. It’s due to his strong desire to share the knowledge gained by dealing with various students, government organisations, corporates & firms, that he started providing his services in the name ExcelMaash; that too in the simplest language that anyone can follow.

Our Motto

One of the key motto of the ExcelMaash team is to produce more tutorial videos on advanced excel training in Malayalam- the local language of Kerala. And there is a story behind it. In his tenure as a Manager at G-TEC Education – Thiruvananthapuram, Mr. Srilil met many people working as executives, managers etc working in various firms in the Middle East and Far East who were continuously demanding Excel tutorials in Malayalam because they couldn’t follow the advanced lessons in MS Excel by various native English Speakers. He started providing support to them online, when his alumni had some doubts and felt stuck in the middle of their jobs. Later an online group was created to share what which has been learned and gradually ended up in founding ExcelMaash.

How to start learning Advanced MS Excel?

After working for a while in MS Excel, you will start finding something new. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes from your colleague, sometimes from a WhatsApp message. May be a new short cut key, a much easier way to do something in the menus, a key combination to access some options in menu etc. Then you realize that there is something more termed as advanced Excel, that need to be learned. And eventually you reach the online world where you can start swimming across the ocean of Advanced Excel. An important tip that would like to be shared is that, always try to research for a better way in MS Excel- a more easier way to finish the current work in MS Excel you have been doing- to save effort and time. Ask yourself , if you are good at using Tables, Pivot Tables, Charts etc. Whether using or not using, check if you know the options in each category and what it is meant for? And your interest in learning will get you there.

Services offered by ExcelMaash

  • Workshops on Advanced Excel for Beginners
  • Customized Advanced Excel Training for Employees of companies.
  • Workshop on VBA (Macros)
  • Exam Preparation Training for Microsoft Office Specialist Exams (Nos)
  • Advanced Excel Training for College Students
  • Associate Training Programs in Advanced Excel for Management Students
  • Tailor made Corporate Level Training for Managers
  • Data Analytics consulting for companies

ExcelMaash offers the best in-house advanced excel training programs in Thiruvananthapuram. Each session is 100% practical oriented and is for a limited number of participants only. It ensures that the doubts of participants are cleared in all levels so that they can confidently work after the training.

ExcelMaash has tied up with Skopp Team Pvt Ltd, the Certiport Authorised Testing Centre (CATC) , to provide opportunity for candidates to appear for Microsoft Office Specialist Examination. Mr.Srilil has proctored hundreds of MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Examinations and his experience has proved worthy for the participants by passing the examination with high marks. ExcelMaash is offering crash training programs with affordable cost so that working professionals can make use of the opportunity. Click here to know about the upcoming training programs.