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Microsoft Excel VBA Workshop

Date: 16th & 17th Feb-2019
Venue: Hotel Central Residency, Thiruvananthapuram

excel vba workshop


Microsoft Office Excel is an indispensable tool for people in any industry. 

The Excel Magic

Everyone in the industry knows the respect, individuals are getting who are excellent in Advanced Excel.Some of us may have noticed that some among our colleagues prepare reports using MS Excel, out of the given data in few minutes, which we used to take hours. This is accomplished mostly with the help of Macros (Excel VBA Programming).

This workshop introduces the participants from basics to advance level of programming in Microsoft Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The course starts with the recording of keystrokes as macros, and gradually builds up to cover the basic language constructs of VBA. Utilising the DOM of excel, writing custom procedures, custom functions, utilising built-in string functions, date functions designing forms using controls such as Textbox, Command button, label, option button etc.

What magic  I can do after this workshop?

  • Automate processes to speed up routine work by creating custom functions and sub procedures
  • Use decision making IF concepts for testing different conditions
  • Using different types of Loops for automating repetitive task
  • Design and use forms for data entry
  • Utilise built-in functions for creating custom procedures and functions
  • Automate consolidating data from different files
  • Create an automated Chart, PivotTables
  • Automate the process of filtering data by using AutoFilter and Advanced filter objects and Properties

     Topics of the workshop:

Module 1: Recording Macros
Module 2: Understanding Visual Basic Editor and writing custom procedures 
Module 3: Working with Datatypes, Variables, Decision Making (IF), InputBox, MsgBox, using Chart Objects and properties for creating Charts
Module 4: Working with Loops for performing repetitive task 
Module 5: Working with Built in (String /Date) Functions
Module 6: Working with Filter, Windows OS Objects and Properties, using built in Objects, Methods and Properties for consolidating data from different workbooks 
Module 7: Working with PivotTable Objects and Properties, Interacting with other applications 
Module 8: Creating User Forms

Shubhi Aggarwal

Who makes me the STAR?

Shubhi Aggarwal has more than 11 years of experience in Training of software applications and assisting with all aspects of the full training life cycle, setting up training (classroom, 1-1), delivery. She possesses excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills and has managed Corporate Training assignments. She also develops automated dashboards in Excel for data analysis.  
Professional Summary: 
Delivered training to 100+ corporates and more than 20000 participants
MCP (Microsoft certified professional) for Windows applications and MCT for MS Office
Adept at Software Languages & Tools C, C++ ,C#  VBA  

Audience Pre-requisite:

This course is meant for power-users of Microsoft Excel, who want to further automate their tasks in Excel. Since this course covers VBA, which is a programming language, the participants should have a basic aptitude for programming. 

And if the audiences are having prior knowledge of programming it is appreciated.
PS: Carry your own Laptops installed  with MS Office 2013/2016

What is Special?

The training is 100% practical oriented and possess a hands-on approach. It start from the basics so that the participants shall be able to get the fundamental knowledge on how to write a VBA program.The two-day session ends with live assignments so that participants can evaluate and assure the depth of skills they acquired throughout the sessions. We assure learning support after the workshop as well, because we know that “Learning is a never ending process”

Training Fee: 6000 INR

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